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Griffin Ott's XC Conversions for Invites, Conference and CIAC Meets

 Meet Previews

State Open Meet Preview

*The statistic ‘points within 20 seconds’ refers to the maximum amount of points that a team could gain by their runners who are in the densest part of the field running 20 seconds faster


Boys State Open Projections:
1.Xavier (71 points, 14 points within 20 seconds)  


2.Staples (102 points, 16 points within 20 seconds)


3.Tolland (106 points, 14 points within 20 seconds)


4.Hall (109 points, 15 points within 20 seconds)


5.Suffield (131 points, 14 points within 20 seconds)


6.Danbury (193 points, 13 points within 20 seconds)



1.Eli Nahom (New Milford)

2.Miller Anderson(Hall)

3.Gavin Sherry(Conard)

4.Robert Dillon (Shelton)

5.Trey Cormier(Hall)



Xavier is the overwhelming favorite in the race, with a remarkably strong 1-4 projected to score only 29 points.  However, the state field looks deeper than in years past, pushing Xavier’s still fast (16:52) #5 runner many places back, but has the potential to move up and drop significant points as he is in a dense part of the field.  After Xavier, the race gets very interesting. The tight backs of Staples and Tolland look to edge the incredible 1-2 punch of Hall, but separated by only 7 points, it will come down to who has the better day. Performances can be very variable towards the end of the season, so Suffield cannot be counted out of a top 3 finish, especially having run neck and neck with Tolland at the Class M meet.  


Girls State Open Projections:

1.Immaculate (105 points, 8 points within 20 seconds)


2.Danbury (109 points, 11 points within 20 seconds)


3.Glastonbury (166 points, 22 points within 20 seconds)


4.Trumbull (187 points, 14 points within 20 seconds)


5.Pomperaug (190 points, 10 points within 20 seconds)


6.Hall (196 points, 17 points within 20 seconds)



1.Kate Wiser (Pomperaug)

2.Jenna Zydanowicz (Hall)

3.Claire Daniels (New Milford)

4.Mari Noble (Greenwich)

5.Lauren Moore (Danbury)

6.Kathryn Rodrigues (Wolcott)



Immaculate and Danbury lead the pack in the women’s race, both with very tight packs of their first 5 runners, and they both look like comfortable favorites to be in the top 2.  After the big gap after these two teams, the next few three teams are not separated by very much and have fairly similar structures, although Glastonbury has the most points to gain by running slightly faster. Projected to come in 6th place, Hall has the weakest depth of any of these teams.  They will need a strong performance from their 5th runner in order to move up from 6th place, and a bad day from the back end of their top 5 could knock them out of contention for New Englands.