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Help with Viewing Changed Pages on

With the high rate of change of many of the webpages in the website, you may not always be seeing the latest news or options available due to inproper settings in your internet browser tool. This is especially true if you are using any version of Microsoft Internet Explorer. The recommended settings for viewing web pages at needs only to be setup once on your computer.
Reminder: offers these steps as recommendations only and does not guarantee that your viewing errors with any of our pages will be resolved. This is just one recommendation that has helped other viewers.

Please use the recommended settings detailed below at your own preference. is not liable for any damages or resulting problems that occur after you make these settings.

How to make sure that you are viewing the latest web pages in Microsoft Internet Explorer (MSIE) browser:

1. Open a web session to your home page in your MSIE, 

2. Select the Tool menu, then select Internet Options

3. In the Internet Options window select the "Settings" button under the Temporary Internet files section,

4. The option  that you need to select is for the function :"Check for newer versions of stored pages." -
Select the option "Every Visit to the page." Then click OK.

5. Once you return to the MSIE Internet Options window, select the button "Delete Files" under the Temporary Internet files section.
Click OK in the next warning box to actually remove all the temporary files that are stored on your pc each time you surf the internet.

6. Click OK to close the dialog box.

7. Finally, close the MSIE browser window.

Help in Viewing Adobe Acrobat Files:

Each event marked with the Adobe logos or has been created as a Portable Document Format (PDF) file, one of the easiest, most reliable methods for downloading pre-formatted documents from the Web. Adobe Acrobat Reader is the software that lets you open PDF files so that you can print and save them directly to your computer. In order to view or print our projects you must have Adobe Acrobat version 3.0 or higher. 

To save files to your computer just right-click (click-hold for a Mac) on the link and choose "Save link as.." or "Save Target as.." and save the .pdf file to your computer. This means you can print these files at any time from your own hard drive. Just remember where you saved them!

Download the latest free version of Adobe Acrobat now by clicking on the Acrobat Reader icon: