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Your opportunity to provide feedback to, whether in the XC Coaches' Poll or by submitting the latest meet results.

Submit Results

Please use the email address below to submit any of meet results or the web address of where results can be viewed. Please send complete information including:

·        Boys or Girls Meet

·        Conference Name

·        Meet Date

·        Meet Location

·        Meet Results can include:

o   Event Name

o   Course Length (XC)

o   Team Records

o   Finish Place, Athlete Name, Finish time 

All submissions will be compiled and usually posted on a daily to weekly basis. You can also send result files as email attachments.

I only accept result files in the standard HTML result format, Adobe PDF or Microsoft Word and Excel (with all results in one worksheet).

Timing Services can also submit backup files from Hytek or EasyMeet Manager II software.

Please email Ron Knapp at: