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Profiles in Coaching

Profiles of state coaches frequently provided by Dave Smith.
Unlimited Expectations – Coach Mike Cohen3/15/2013 5:44 PMDave Smith 
Still Finding a Way to Finish - Coach Gerry Chester10/17/2012 7:54 PMDave Smith 
Something Special Happened Here – Coach Gary Moore2/24/2012 6:33 AMDave Smith 
A Natural Talent – Coach Tracey Hollenbaugh2/6/2012 9:22 PMDave Smith 
Successful Teamwork – Coach Becky Howard1/29/2012 8:06 PMDave Smith 
Ledyard Guiding Light - Coach Bruce Douglass11/14/2011 8:15 PMDave Smith 
A Connecticut Statesman – Coach Bill Baron10/25/2011 6:45 AMDave Smith 
A Staple Experience - Coach Laddie Lawrence10/11/2011 6:54 AMDave Smith 
Aerobic Chemistry – Coach Bob Orgovan9/27/2011 7:00 AMDave Smith 
A Fortunate 50 Years - Coach Tom Butterfield9/10/2011 9:46 AMDave Smith