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 2017 Outdoor TF Results

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USATF-JO-Reg1-20170709.htm7/9/2017USATF Region 1 Junior Olympic Track & Field ChampionshipsFitchburg State UniversityFitchburgMA7/12/2017 7:42 AM 
NBNO-201706161718.htm6/18/2017New Balance Nationals OutdoorNorth Carolina A+T UniversityGreensboroNC6/19/2017 9:21 AM 
USATFJR-CTOTF-20170617.htm6/17/2017USATF Connecticut Junior Olympic Track & Field ChampionshipsLitchfield HSLitchfieldCT6/22/2017 7:31 AM 
NBNO-Day1-20170616.htm6/16/2017New Balance Nationals Outdoor - Day1North Carolina A+T UniversityGreensboroNC6/17/2017 11:29 AM 
CIAC-OPEN-BoysHTST-20170614.htm6/14/2017CIAC Open Boys Hammer Throw - 3k, 2k SteeplechaseWillowbrook ParkNew BritainCT6/14/2017 8:51 PM 
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 2017-18 Indoor TF Results

Expand/Collapse Year : 2018 ‎(79)
2018_NBNI_201803091011.htm3/11/2018New Balance Nationals IndoorNew Balance T&F Center @ The ArmoryNew YorkNY3/13/2018 8:00 AM 
2018_NBNI_Day1-2-2018030910.htm3/10/2018New Balance Nationals Indoor Day1-2New Balance T&F Center @ The ArmoryNew YorkNY3/12/2018 9:48 AM 
31st_New_England_ITF_Champs-20180303.htm3/3/201831st New England Interscholastic Indoor Track & Field ChampionshipsReggie Lewis Track & Athletic CenterBostonMA3/3/2018 6:00 PM 
Dream_Big_Pentathlon_Invitational-20180224.htm2/24/2018Dream Big Pentathlon InvitationalNew Balance T&F Center @ The ArmoryNew YorkNY2/27/2018 11:22 AM 
Eastern_States_Indoor_Championships-20180220.htm2/20/2018Eastern States Indoor ChampionshipsNew Balance T&F Center @ The ArmoryNew YorkNY2/21/2018 9:19 AM 
CIAC-ITF-SO-20180217.htm2/17/2018CIAC ITF State Open ChampionshipFloyd Little Athletic CenterNew HavenCT2/17/2018 7:39 PM 
CIAC-ITF-SO-Teams-20180217.pdf2/17/2018CIAC ITF State Open Championship-TeamsFloyd Little Athletic CenterNew HavenCT2/17/2018 7:36 PM 
CIAC-ITF-LL-20180210.htm2/10/2018CIAC ITF LL ChampionshipFloyd Little Athletic CenterNew HavenCT2/10/2018 7:02 PM 
CIAC-ITF-LL-Teams-20180210.pdf2/10/2018CIAC ITF LL Championship-TeamsFloyd Little Athletic CenterNew HavenCT2/10/2018 7:01 PM 
CIAC-ITF-S-20180210.htm2/10/2018CIAC ITF S ChampionshipFloyd Little Athletic CenterNew HavenCT2/10/2018 10:09 PM 
CIAC-ITF-S-Teams-20180210.pdf2/10/2018CIAC ITF S Championship-TeamsFloyd Little Athletic CenterNew HavenCT2/10/2018 10:08 PM 
CIAC-ITF-M-20180209.htm2/9/2018CIAC ITF M ChampionshipFloyd Little Athletic CenterNew HavenCT2/9/2018 10:46 PM 
CIAC-ITF-M-Teams-20180209.pdf2/9/2018CIAC ITF M Championship-TeamsFloyd Little Athletic CenterNew HavenCT2/9/2018 10:45 PM 
CIAC-ITF-L-20180208.htm2/8/2018CIAC Class L ITF ChampionshipFloyd Little Athletic CenterNew HavenCT2/8/2018 9:25 PM 
CIAC-ITF-L-Teams-20180208.pdf2/8/2018CIAC Class L ITF Championship TeamsFloyd Little Athletic CenterNew HavenCT2/8/2018 11:41 PM 
Capital_Prep_Qualifier-20180205.htm2/5/2018Capital Prep QualifierFreeman Center, Wesleyan UnivMiddletownCT2/6/2018 7:08 AM 
HPHS_City_ITF_Champs-20180204.pdf2/4/2018HPHS City ITF ChampionshipHartford Public HSHartfordCT2/5/2018 9:32 AM 
ECC_D1_ITF_Champs-20180203.htm2/3/2018ECC ITF Championship Div1Roland FH, US Coast Guard AcademyNew LondonCT2/3/2018 10:12 PM 
ECC_D1_ITF_Champs-Teams-20180203.pdf2/3/2018ECC ITF Championship Div1 TeamsRoland FH, US Coast Guard AcademyNew LondonCT2/3/2018 10:11 PM 
ECC_D2_ITF_Champs-20180203.htm2/3/2018ECC ITF Championship Div2Roland FH, US Coast Guard AcademyNew LondonCT2/3/2018 3:13 PM 
ECC_D2_ITF_Champs-Teams-20180203.pdf2/3/2018ECC ITF Championship Div2 TeamsRoland FH, US Coast Guard AcademyNew LondonCT2/3/2018 10:11 PM 
NCCC_Last_Chance_Invite-20180203.pdf2/3/2018NCCC Last Chance InviteHartford Public HSHartfordCT2/3/2018 10:38 PM 
SLC_ITF_Champs-20180203.pdf2/3/2018SLC ITF ChampionshipSLC_ITF_Champs-20180203New HavenCT2/3/2018 10:29 PM 
SWC_ITF-Champs-20180203.htm2/3/2018SWC ITF ChampionshipFloyd Little Athletic CenterNew HavenCT2/4/2018 9:20 AM 
SWC_ITF-Champs-Teams-20180203.pdf2/3/2018SWC ITF Championship-TeamsFloyd Little Athletic CenterNew HavenCT2/4/2018 9:19 AM 
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 2017 XC Results

83rdNewEnglandXCChampionships-20171111.htm11/11/201783rd New England Interscholastic XC ChampionshipsTroy Howard MSBelfastME
25thCTMSXCChamps-20171104.htm11/4/201725th CT Middle School State XC ChampionshipWickham ParkManchesterCT
CIACXC-OPEN-20171103.htm11/3/2017CIAC-State Open XC ChampionshipWickham ParkManchesterCT
CIACXC-L-20171028.htm10/28/2017CIAC-L Division XC ChampionshipWickham ParkManchesterCT
CIACXC-LL-20171028.htm10/28/2017CIAC-LL Division XC ChampionshipWickham ParkManchesterCT
CIACXC-M-20171028.htm10/28/2017CIAC-M Division XC ChampionshipWickham ParkManchesterCT
CIACXC-MM-20171028.htm10/28/2017CIAC-MM Division XC ChampionshipWickham ParkWickham ParkCT
CIACXC-S-20171028.htm10/28/2017CIAC-S Division XC ChampionshipWickham ParkManchesterCT
CIACXC-SS-20171028.htm10/28/2017CIAC-SS Division XC ChampionshipWickham ParkManchesterCT
RichLaFaveMMSLXCInvite-20171026.htm10/26/2017Rich LaFave MMSL XC InvitationalCoginchaug Regional HSDurhamCT
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