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Created at 8/26/2010 12:25 PM  by Ron Knapp 
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"James Thomsen was a dedicated member of the Bethel Cross Country team who passed away in the Spring of 2010. James was someone who brought together the New Fairfield and Bethel Cross Country teams and in the process, united our two towns in his memory.
In honor of James, by living fuller and healthier, we hope to keep running towards increased cancer awareness and research so that in the future, we can eliminate the pain and suffering caused by this disease. The journey towards this goal will be long and tough. However, just like all the long runs we have already covered, we have learned to endure and we are confident that we can overcome this challenge and win in the end.
Join us and log the number of miles that you have run or walked to symbolize our long term commitment towards this goal. "
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