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The Danbury and Immaculate Rivalry

Created at 7/12/2019 8:36 AM  by Ron Knapp 
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By Senior Correspondent Marty Ogden, Photographs by Ron Knapp

With the conclusion of the past seasons in cross country, indoor and outdoor track for this year there have been several teams who have made their presence known on the course, around the track and in the field.

Two schools, one town, one sport. There is always a great deal of pride when two schools from the same town meet each other in high school sports. It only become more intense when they meet at the highest level of the sport. Immaculate and Danbury high schools are only a short three miles away from each other, but the former is one of the smallest schools in the state and the latter is the largest. But size of school doesn’t always matter.


Danbury Girls Scored a State Open Championship Victory

When they met at the State Open Cross-Country Championship, just about every Immaculate and Danbury runner finished with someone a second or less from each other at the finish line. In the closest race ever for team title, Danbury edged Immaculate for a one-point victory. If one of those places switched, the results could have been entirely different. But to show you can’t keep a good team down, Immaculate came back the next week at the New England Championship to finish as the top Connecticut team with a third-place podium spot, only 20 points ahead of the Hatters.


Immaculate Girls earned third place at New England Championship


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