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IMPORTANT MEET ALERT for Friday & Saturday Events at 39th O’Grady Relays

Created at 4/26/2019 11:55 AM  by Ron Knapp 
Last modified at 4/26/2019 11:55 AM  by Ron Knapp 

ezms  Meet director Rob Murray announced this morning that “all events scheduled for TODAY (Friday) at the 39th O’Grady Relays have been cancelled due to the heavy rain and potential for thunderstorms this evening. The safety of our athletes, coaches, officials and spectators are our number one priority.”

Murray also stated that “The weather for Saturday weather is much better and we are excited to bring you all of Saturday team scoring events.  The event will start promptly Saturday at 9:00am for field events.  We suggest you get to Bethel High School early enough to ensure that your athletes are ready to compete at 9:00am.”

Additionally, the Girls Pole Vault will be contested on Saturday with a field limited to only two contestants per team for both Boys and Girls due to the single venue to run both Girls and Boys events.


  1. Unfortunately, due to time constraints, the pole vault relays for boys and girls will be reduced to only two members. Be sure to communicate to your third vaulter that they will not be competing this Saturday.
  2. The order of events for pole vault relays will be Girls followed by Boys.
  3. Coaches are asked to declare their intent to compete in the Coed 8x100m relay at the start of the boys 3200m Run. If you do not declare you will not be included in that event.
  4. Live Results can be found at the following link .....

Please address any further event entry questions to Meet Director Rob Murray at email: Make sure to include name of meet, your name, school, contact phone and detailed information for prompt review.