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Featured Meet Entry Advice for Coaches for 2017-18 Indoor Track and Field Season

Created at 11/15/2017 3:42 PM  by Ron Knapp 
Last modified at 11/15/2017 3:42 PM  by Ron Knapp 

EZMS logo Hello to all new and veteran coaches. I hope that the following advice answers your questions about how to use the EZ Meet Services website for the 2017-18 Indoor Track and Field Season to learn about Featured Meets as well as register and make your entries. With the demise of the Head Count event entry system last spring, I have partnered with as the preferred event entry system for the meet I manage for meet directors. is a resource for Track & Field and Cross Country coaches, offering free statistic tracking, easy meet registrations, free meet managers, and free tools to simplify common coaching tasks.

Now in my 10th year of providing affordable meet management services, the EZ Meet Services website is available for coaches for many scheduled Indoor Track and Field Featured Meets this season to make it easier to find all the meet details at each Featured Meet’s website, including how to register for the meet. EZ Meet also provides information on the meet schedule about several other meets where you can contact the meet director for further information.

At the EZ Meet Services Indoor Track and Field website, coaches are invited to use a specific Featured Meet website link to visit a meet website and read about Meet Information and Registration Instructions as well as Order of Events and Meet Reports.

For many of the scheduled Featured Meets, EZ Meet employs a 2-step registration at each meet website;

1) A simple online Intent to Enter form to signify your desire to attend as well as collect your contact information that is only shared with the meet director. In some meets, the Intent to Enter form may also be required with your payment.

2) EZ Meet Services Featured Meet Event Entry is now using the Athletic.Net system and features online entry instructions tailored for each meet. This is the same registration system used for the 2017-18 Indoor and 2018 Outdoor National meets.

·        Before the season starts, make sure that you have enabled access for your School account by visiting the Connecticut Indoor Track and Field home page and then select your Team name.

·        Once you are on your Team site, you can Sign-Up for an account by initially providing your email address and verification phone.

ADVICE for Team Accounts:

I strongly recommend that you use a non-school email account (like Google email etc.) since your school email system may automatically block email from

On a follow-up screen, enter your new user account information and password. Within minutes after you complete your user account information you will receive an email from the Athletic net team to Activate your new Account.

After activating your new account, you can start updating your team roster and add Featured Meets to your schedule.

If you have any issues or problems with activating your account then you need to immediately contact support using the ‘Contact Us’ link found at the bottom of every page.

ADVICE for Updating Team Roster:

Many veteran coaches can use their existing user accounts and team rosters from previous Indoor Track and Field seasons. Make sure to update any changes to existing athlete data (spelling of names and grade) or to add new team members before making meet event entries.

Both new and veteran coaches should take advantage of the detailed online Get Help system available in top right of the Team home page where you should view the Edit Athletes/Roster video before starting your roster updates.

I strongly recommend reviewing your Team roster data before making entries where you must first ensure that your all of your athletes are correctly listed with Grade 9, 10, 11 or 12 in your Team Roster. If they are not listed with a Grade 9, 10, 11 or 12 then you must update your Athlete in the Roster BEFORE making any event entries.

You are also advised to make sure that your athlete’s FIRST and LAST names are a duplicate of the names in your CIAC Roster for accurate reporting of results.

If you need to deactivate an athlete from your team roster, you can start by using the Edit your Athlete option and then selecting the Check Box next to the Athlete’s name. You are then provided with an option near the top of the screen to ‘Deactivate’ the athlete.


Coaches don't need to be concerned with the Attendance setting in for the meet since EZ Meet Services is responsible for making the update on a periodic basis after a review of submitted Intent to Enter forms. Please don’t send an email requesting update of the Attendance status.

If you still have questions or comments about a 2017-18 Indoor Track and Field Featured Meet, please contact me at Make sure to provide sufficient details in your email so that a complete response can be quickly provided.

Now entering my 19th year for Indoor Track and Field, the website continues to provide the latest meet news and results as well as seasonal records since 2000!

Thanks and see you at the next meet!

Ron Knapp, EZ Meet Services and