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Special Request - Shoes for Haiti

Created at 1/19/2010 7:12 PM  by Ron Knapp 
Last modified at 1/19/2010 7:16 PM  by Ron Knapp 
Please read this request from my good friend Steph at Fleet Feet Sports of West Hartford (1003 Farmington Ave.) to see how you can help. 
"If you are like me, you see the images from Haiti and your heart goes out to everyone there: the survivors, the rescuers and those who lost their lives.  You want to help, but your brain says that we are so far away and our donations too small that we won't make a difference.
But I am reminded of the story of the little girl tossing starfish back into the ocean.  When told that she couldn't possibly make a difference since there were hundreds of starfish washed-up on the beach, she tossed one into the ocean and said, "Made a difference to that one".
As you imagine, the need for shoes in Haiti is greater than ever as wreckage, debris and raw sewage covers the land.  Without a protective covering for their feet, people are at risk for potentially serious healthcare issues resulting from untreated cuts and direct-contact with contaminants. 
Help us make a difference to a few more people by bringing your new or gently-used sneakers to Fleet Feet Sports by Wednesday, January 27.  We will send the shoes to Sole4Souls who is helping to organize a shipment of 30 container loads of emergency supplies to Haiti. 
Their goal is one million pairs of boots and shoes to help survivors.  We are kicking off the donation drive by pledging 50 pairs of new shoes.  Originally, I had wanted to collect 200 pairs of shoes, but when Thom Abrams of Superfeet heard about our drive, he brought almost 50 pairs of shoes to the store yesterday.  So now I'm hoping we can collect 300 pairs.  While that is less than 1% of the million pair goal, it will help out 300 people - an entire village! 
Don't have any sneakers in good condition?  We will also be accepting cash donations to help defray the cost of shipping the shoes, with all additional funds raised donated directly to Soles4Souls.  Or you can donate directly to Soles4Souls.
Be Fit!
Steph ( 
P.S. You can monitor our progress by checking out our front window where all the shoes collected will be on display.  With your help we can fill-up the entire window!
Remember: new or gently-used shoes only.  Save your well-loved shoes for our Nike's "Reuse a Shoe" recycling program in April.