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Hartford Shoe Library Opened

Created at 11/10/2014 7:10 AM  by Ron Knapp 
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Hartford Shoe Library  Senior Dontae Roberts at Capital Prep of Hartford CT announced the Hartford Shoe Library as part of his social justice project (SJP) to create change and raise awareness of his topic in his community. Dontae's SJP project focused on the lack of awareness of the benefits to running and exercising in urban cities. The reasoning for why he chose the topic is not only to get more minority kids running but to also focus on the health side of the issue. Roberts indicated that Blacks and Latinos in urban cities are more prone to several diseases, such as heart disease, respiratory diseases, and diabetes because they are unaware of the benefits of running and exercising.

Dontae announced the Hartford Shoe Library that was created to benefit the Hartford community. The Shoe Library is a resource that student-athletes can rely on if they are not financially able to purchase running shoes, which are necessary to compete on their school's running teams. The shoe library is open to every Hartford athlete participating in any of the three sports of Cross Country, Indoor and Outdoor track.

The Hartford Shoe Library is similar to a traditional library but instead of books there is a supply of shoes organized by size on shelves, ready to be distributed to Hartford athletes. The Hartford Shoe Library was made possible by generous donations from Fleet Feet Sports of West Hartford and is organized and maintained by the Capital Preparatory Magnet School Cross Country and Track teams.

The process of requesting the shoes is simple. An athlete should contact Dontae Roberts at A 'Library Card' is then sent to the individual, which they would then complete with their name, gender, size of shoe requested and what their goals are once they received the shoes.